Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Resolutions - What are they really and do they even work?

I've never been a big resolution maker.  I like to say its because I'm realistic but maybe its because I'm lazy. And January never really seems to be a great starting point for me, there is always just so much going on.  Perhaps its the school geek in me, but September always makes so much more sense as a starting point. 

I've made quite a few fundamental changes in the last six months I'm going to use the traditional January kickoff to articulate them and my intentions regarding them versus start something new.  I've been reading that focusing on habit creation is much more effectives and produces better outcomes than setting a large goal.

I've also chosen One Little Word or Word of the Year before but haven't attached that word in a concrete and global way to my life.  I think a valuable word or mantra as a focus will be so much more meaningful if it can be applicable in various areas.  I'm going to spend some concrete time focusing on my word and how it can help me to define goals or habits in many areas of my life.

Areas that I'd like to address should include things such as Health, Career, Family, Friendship, Love, Happiness, Spirituality, Creativity, Travel, Money, Education etc. The word that is speaking to me the most right now is NOURISH. Hopefully I can use that word to define and put some new good habits into place.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Today - January's Modified Present Participle List

Wow, its been 6 months since I've done an update - perhaps a modified list is in order.

Outside My Window: This winter cannot decide what it wants to do. Snow on Sunday and 55 degrees and windy today. It is either 10 degrees or 45 here this year!

Eating: Starting out the year pretty well. Five months of primal eating and feeling great. So many more veggies and rarely any grains or legumes.  Still #teamwhiterice in this family or I might get hung but everyone is adjusting pretty well to the meals I make as long as there is popcorn and wheat free cereal or oats in the pantry. Down 20 lbs. since August and my skin is clear and hair is thick.  Sleep is so much better too!

Reading:  So happy with my reading success last year. The digital selection from our library is really great and having book club every 2 months gives me a reason that I must read. This puts me into a habit so that I stay caught up which usually gets me an extra 2 books in before book club rolls around again. Plus, continuing to read with the boys regularly ensures that we have down time together.  Currently reading: My Life in France by Julia Child, The Blood of Olympus (#5), and Homespun Mom Comes Unraveled. Just finished Daring Greatly (a must read), The Look of Love by Sarah Jio (always love her books), and The Boys in the Boat by Daniel James Brown which was a beautifully written book. As my mother in law says - "WWII and the Pacific NW, how can you go wrong?"

Working: Having such a hard time getting back into the groove of work after the holidays.  Glad I am doing Leadership Tri-Cities this year to help learn about our great community and do great things in it. I do feel like I need to work hard on my personal mission and figure out what I want to do with my life. Darn that economic security! I'd prefer to go back to school or drop out of the workforce completely and homestead but alas, neither is really an option without major risk taking. And those risks affect so many more than just me so I'll just continue to find the passion in the work that I do. So grateful that I CAN do that!

Listening: Haven't really fallen for any new music lately.  I've been listening to lots of podcasts and even an audiobook. Josh had a download that needed to be used so I bought Eat the Yolks by Liz Wolfe. Highly recommend (audiobook or real book) if you are interested in debunking the garbage science that we've been fed regarding our food (and its actually a light read).

Planning: Need a getaway with my hubby! Would love sunny, sandy trip somewhere to celebrate our 15th year of marriage.

Feeling: Like I'm getting to know myself this year. Enneagram, Meyers Brigg, monthly work for Leadership Tri-Cities, bi-annual counseling appointments, reading and exploration...its all contributing.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Today's Present Participle List

Outside My Window: It is HOT! It has been over 100 degrees for days now and will continue to be until the weekend!

Reading: The Bomb - with Josh and the kids. The first book we've all read together in a really long time. Brody is a little bored but he's tolerating it.  I'm really trying to get into this book since it was MY suggestion for book club. 

Making:  List after list because that is what I do. 

Working: Trying to get everything done so that I can be off for just over a week.  So looking forward to time away!

Listening: To a few new podcasts:  The Art of Simple and The Read Aloud Revival.  We (I) read aloud a lot with our boys and plan to continue to, it is a ritual that I can't imagine letting go of. 

Hoping: That I can get my butt in gear and start running again so that I can do a September 5k with Amy.  I really need to run but can't make myself get up in the morning...struggling with a little indulgence issue I think.

Planning:  Our back to back trips that start this week.  A very long weekend in Pacific City, Oregon with one group of friends followed up by another long weekend in Hood River with a different group.  Josh and I are finishing that my cashing in my Christmas White Water Rafting gift certificates.  So excited!

Wanting: To get caught up or at least restarted on my photo album/Project Life; or really even just blogging again. I feel the need to capture our memories and retain a little bit of who I am.

Loving:  My husband - that's not news I guess.  I'm just very happy with where we are and the work we put in to get here.  He's the best partner for me and father for our boys.

Wanting: Well not really wanting because its ridiculously priced but I'm admiring the new Fitbit Bracelet from Tory Burch. It's already gone from the Tory Burch site so I can't even link there.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

This is What Our Day Looked Like...

Just after midnight, Boone came down to tell us that Brody was screaming at him. After a tough night getting them to sleep, I had run out of patience and just yelled at Boone to go sleep in another room. About 5 minutes later, Brody came down to tell us he had thrown up in his bed. Lovely…so after cleaning him up and cleaning his bedding up (luckily Josh woke up to help), we got him back to bed. I wasn’t so lucky - it took me another hour and a half to fall back to sleep so I read “Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls” by David Sedaris to pass the time.
We had to wake up early so that I could drop the boys off early in order to pick up mom and get her to her dentist appointment. She had to take a valium to help with the sedation efforts so she couldn’t drive. I amazingly made it to work, just in time. We had Brody go to school today, even though he was sick last night. We were very certain it was from the huge birthday dinner and two desserts he had partnered with lots of trampoline jumping and new Wii game activity. It was…he felt great all day! At work I got so busy that I forgot to pick up the boys from school before noon due to early release and then forgot that I had a conference call from 3-5 so I had to work late. I was so glad for the day to be done and just be relaxing on the couch.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What I Love

Right now, I'm really trying to get back into memory keeping of some sort. I'm still trying to decide if it will be through scrapbooking, blogging, or just journaling. I really like the Day One app. This lets me add photos to journaling, keeps track of the location of the entry or photo, and even the weather at that time and location. You can add tags and set reminders to encourage you to write.

I suppose this post should be called "What We Love" as I'm not really the one into Minecraft in our family but both boys love it! This is definitely the first time that Josh and I have really had to pay attention to screen time limits for the kids.  Between the i Devices and X-Box, they would spend a lot of time building their universes.  It really is fun to see how clever and creative they are and they work together quite a bit. It is a lot like virtual Lego. I do find myself needing to remind them to play with the real thing sometimes so they actually get some fine motor skills time.

Funny that I've blogged so little lately that almost my last post was about Season 1 of Game of Thrones.  Season 2 just arrived on our porch for a late Valentine's present to Josh and I yesterday.  I really enjoyed the books that the series is based on (though I haven't managed to finish the most recent one yet) and they are doing a pretty good job staying staying true. The casting is phenomenal too. But what I love most is that Josh and I get to snuggle up on the couch for some grown up alone time to watch it.

Ahh...Mumford and Sons. They've been on my fave list for awhile but it seems like they are everywhere now. Love these guys and really all of this style of music. So glad there is so much of it out there right now...The Lumineers, Edward Sharpe, and the boys love Of Monsters and Men.

How can you not love REI, besides Costco, its one of the few stores Josh and I both love to shop. We've been there a lot this past year and the most recent sale was good for me. Josh got me a Kuhl Shirt and REI running jacket for Valentine's Day and I just got a pair of Dansko clogs of their clearance shoe rack for half off - the only pair was in my size!!